Information about the introduction of a resort fee in St. Petersburg

In accordance with the Law of St. Petersburg dated June 28, 2023
No. 419-81 “On the introduction of a resort fee on the territory of St. Petersburg” a resort fee is
charged on the territory of St. Petersburg from April 1, 2024.
Persons over the age of 18 who plan to stay in accommodation facilities for more than 24 hours are required to pay a resort fee at check
-in in the amount of 100 rubles per day per person.
21 preferential categories of citizens are exempt from paying the resort fee,
including veterans, disabled people of 1-2 groups, university students of St. Petersburg, members of large families and others.
If there is a benefit, residents must have with them the original document confirming the availability of the benefit, or a copy of it, certified in accordance with the established procedure.